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PMH Structures - Solving your building needs!

Storage hall from PMH
PMH Storage Hall – an effective and economically viable solution to the need for buildings. Clear width up to 50m, length optional.
Steel cladding storage hall
PMH Combi Hall – is constructed using steel profiled cladding to the walls, with a whitetranslucent roof.
Storage hall with open side
PMH Protecthall – a rationell way of protecting goods and simultaneously having easy access to it.
Storage hall from PMH with dehumidification
PMH Dry Air Hall – a dehumidified, controlled environment. Low investment and running costs offering ideal storage conditions.
The insulated storage hall, PMH Thermo hall
PMH Thermohall – an effective solution on an insulated space, which is meant to be heated and simultaneously energy saving.
PMH Rental Hall, The building you rent
PMH Rental Hall – the perfect solution for short or long term building space, available in a range of sizes.
Storage hall from PMH
PMH PolarHall – an effective and economically viable solution to the need for buildings in north part of Europe.
Why do so many choose the PMH Structures
 - Low investment
 - Short erection time
 - Free floor area
 - Maintenance-free materials
 - Easy to extend or to move
 - Optional width, length, height
 - Customer adaptability
PMH-Hallen for sport
Optionsthe PMH Hall can be adapted according to customer’s choice with equipment to be ideal in the daily operation.
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