Production Hall / Production Store

Production Hall and production stores from PMH-Hallen are an economical total solution for your storage needs. The PMH Hall is designed with a column unobstructed floor area for maximum production area.

Production Hall and production store with cost-efficient production area

PMH's Production Hall and production store is a cost-effective way to obtain a low square metre cost for your production area. PMH's Production Hall / Production Store is conventionally insulated and you obtain the same insulation values and good heating economy as any other commercially available conventional building – but to a lower price.

The Production Hall/production store is equipped with a heating system, lighting, gateways, windows etc. based on your wishes. PMH's production hall and production store is customised and drawn up according to your needs and specifications to be the ideal match to your particular business's production.

The design of the production hall and production store is based on the PMH Thermo Hall, which is conventionally insulated, and provides the frame for storage halls where the space will be heated and energy-saving. Production hall and the production store can also be based on a PMH Climate Hall, which has a simpler construction where the insulation is done with an inner cloth surface, but with maintained good insulation value. 

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