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Sales Hall

Sales Hall and Shop Hall are a cost-effective and flexible way to grow with your sales success. With a Sales Hall from PMH, you obtain a cost-effective sales area.

Shop Hall with cost-effective store area

The Sales Hall's translucent roof creates a well-lit and pleasant sales area for your customers. The Sales Hall/Shop Hall is excellent in most sales areas where you want to extend the sales area with a cost-effective and sustainable solution. The hall's store area can be fitted as you want to be the ideal match for your particular business.


The advantages with a Sales Hall from PMH are that the hall is designed with column-free floor area to obtain as much sales area as possible, the hall is also designed with translucent roof cloth that lets in the daylight to give a very pleasant sales environment. Apart from this, the hall is manufactured in maintenance free material and has a short planning/construction time from ordering. The Sales Hall gives your company a large sales area to a low investment cost.


The Sales Hall also provides great flexibility in its layout and is designed with a width from 8 metres up to a full 50 metres without any restriction on length. The Sales Hall can be erected quickly and is also relatively easy to move. If you need to increase your storage and sales, the hall can also be lengthened in more easily than for a conventional building – for a low cost. 

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