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Timber Hall and timber store

Timber Hall and timber store from PMH are a smart and cost-effective alternative for storing timber and wood products. The Timber Hall/timber store is designed with a column unobstructed floor area for optimal storage area and access inside the store.

Timber Hall and timber store for storage of all types of wood products and timber

Timber Hall from PMH is very suitable for storing all types of timber products. Sawn, dried or planed timber can be stored very well in a Timber Hall from PMH-Hallen. Also processed timber products such as chipboard, laminated timber and joinery products can be stored in our timber halls and timber stores.


The Timber Hall for easily accessible goods is based on PMH-Hallen's Protect Hall with open side. This hall is ideal for storing timber/goods for fast and simple despatch and handling.

Timber store for goods with low moisture ratio, e.g. dried timber is best stored in a PMH Dry Air Hall (dehumidified).

The Timber Hall and the timber store's equipment is customised based on wishes and needs. The Timber Hall/timber store can be equipped with dehumidifier, lighting, gateways, windows and much more.


The Timber Hall/timber store's size is customised with a width from 8 metres to a full 50 metres and, in principle, it can be any length whatsoever according to need and specification.

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