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Climate Hall

Climate Hall is the simply insulated tent hall. Its fast installation principle makes it cost-effective while it has a high insulation value. Very suitable for storage of temperature sensitive materials.


  • High insulation value
  • Cost-effective
  • Short delivery time
  • Maintenance free materials



The Climate Hall is the simply insulated tent hall.

The Climate Hall is an efficient solution for a space that has to be heated while saving energy. The hall is insulated using a simple method, allowing the hall to be installed quickly and rationally. The Climate Hall is a further development of the Storage Hall, with walls and roof made from polyester fabric or the Combi Hall with walls of sheet steel. The inside of the hall is then clad with an insulated inner cloth that is attached on the steel frame. As standard, the insulation is constructed from 100 mm polyethylene.


Are your products temperature sensitive?


There can be occasions when you need to keep your goods in a tempered space. For example, these could be heavy homogeneous materials, e.g. metals waiting to enter production that need to maintain a given temperature so condensation does not start when they come into the warm. In this case, the Climate Hall is the optimal choice as a tempered buffer zone. The Climate Hall is also perfect, for example, as a picking store, where completed products are stored in a heated space. There is a comfortable climate in the hall, even when it is cold outside.

The Climate Hall is produced from standard components, which enable a large variation in width, length and height. The design of the tent hall has clear span frames that provide a column free surface with a span width up to 50 metres and any length. 



Why choose a PMH Climate Hall?



  • We install the insulation on the inside!
  • With the insulation on the inside of the frames, it is protected better and maintains its insulating function.
  • Insulation that is placed on the outside can be crushed by snow loads and lose its insulating ability. This does not happen with a PMH Climate Hall.
  • Insulation on the inside will not be affected negatively, if there's an accident and a hole or tear is made in the cloth. If the insulation is placed in the outer cloth, water will penetrate the insulation (through the damaged cloth) and this considerably reduces the insulation capacity. This is prevented by our solution. 


Internal surfaces

The inside of the Climate Hall is clad with a strong, flame-retardant, PVC cloth. To obtain a well-lit and pleasant interior, it is white as standard. Despite the insulated inner cloth, fittings, such as cable racks, heaters etc., can be fastened to the hall's steel frame.

Heating / Ventilation

As standard, storage tents are delivered with electrical aerotempers. These are placed approx. 3 metres up on the hall's walls with a directed air flow. To attain a uniform air flow, these are placed according to an optimised pattern. Depending on the size of the hall, a number of these aerotempers are equipped with mixing cabinets that take in fresh air.


As standard, the PMH Halls are provided with a white roof, which means it is well-lit in the hall during the day. During the darker hours of the day, external lighting is needed. We use IP23 industrial luminaires, which are suitable for installation in industries with high ceiling height. We provide both conventional fluorescent fittings or LED fittings for the required light flow. These are fitted and connected together on steel cables that are attached to the latticework in the ceiling, so they do not prevent utilisation of the full storage height.

The luminaires are placed in longitudinal rows with a c/c distance of 4 metres. The number of rows are dimensioned based on the lux value wanted. The lighting can be controlled in different ways, e.g. with dusk switch and motion detector. This is a convenient way of saving energy, by ensuring that the lighting is only lit when it is needed.
climate controlled storage facility construction drawing
Climate Hall drawing
climate controlled storage facility construction drawing front view
Climate Hall drawing front view
climate controlled storage facility construction drawing side view
Climate Hall drawing side view
climate controlled storage facility construction drawing view from above
Climate Hall view from above

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PMH-Hallen, grow with your success
The PMH Hall is customised according to your wishes so it is perfect for each single task and activity. Since 1974, we have supplied more than 3000 storage halls to satisfied customers throughout Sweden. The halls are usually used for storage, industry and logistics, but PMH-Hallen operates in many different applications.
PMH-Hallen, view from above
Many of our customers choose the PMH Hall for its quality, flexibility and the low investment cost. When you choose PMH-Hallen as your partner, we help you all the way with assistance with building permits, planning and installation.

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