The PMH-Hall, solving your building needs!


PMH International AB was established as a legal company 1974, after several years as a department in Persöner AB, with head office in Ystad. Business area Industry and Storage Halls, designs, manufactures and markets the PMH Halls for warehouses, production and rental. PMH´s other business area is production, trading and sales of efficient and intelligent solutions of lifting and handling.


PMH has access to own design department where development, calculations and drawings (CAD) is carried out according to standards and regulations. The manufacturing of the membranes is made in the biggest production unit in Europe, Kungsäter Industri AB, which is a company partly own by PMH.


The PMH Hall is produced in cooperation with experienced Swedish subcontractors. The framework is lattice frames using highstrength steel which is hot dipped galvanised to BS729. The PVC coated and lacquered polyester fabric is supplied from producers with great sense of responsibility where ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 is a natural part of the activity. The PMH Hall as a product can be recycled.


PMH has during the past years delivered more than 2000 halls mainly in Sweden, but also to the rest of the world. PMH offers turn key projects with fast and efficient erection. Our skilled project managers see to that our customers will have the right product at the right time.

These are a few reasons why so many choose the PMH Structures

- Free floor area, no internal columns
- Can be insulated or dehumidified
- Low investment
- Short erection time
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