Frequently asked questions

Is the PMH Hall CE marked?
  • The PMH Hall's frame is CE marked and manufactured, according to EN-1090-2, by certified workshops.
Is building permission needed for a storage tent, plastic hall, tent hall?
  • If you are in an area covered by a detailed development plan, a building permit is required. We help you with drawings and other documentation needed for applying for the building permit.
  • You can find a certified inspection manager near you on Boverket's (Swedish National Board of Building, Planning and Housing) website.
What is the service life of the tent cloth?
  • The cloth's technical service life is approx. 25-30 years.
Can materials sensitive to damp be stored in a storage tent?
  • In all cold stores, there is a risk for condensation, which is why we recommend that the storage hall be dehumidified when storing materials sensitive to damp. See Dry Air Hall.
Is installation included?
  • Installation is always included and is performed by professional and trained fitters.
What does a storage tent, tent hall/plastic hall cost?
  • There isn't any price list, because the PMH Hall is customised and there are many options. We calculate the price for every single one delivered.
Can the PMH Hall be insulated?
  • The PMH Hall can be insulated very well. See Thermo Hall and Climate Hall.
Is a PMH Hall burglar proof?
  • The cloth does not provide much protection against burglary. If you do not have an enclosed area, we recommend a Combi Hall with steel cladding on the sides.
Can the whole side of the PMH Hall be opened up?
  • The long side cannot be opened because the framework comes down to the ground here. It is possible on the gable end. See Protect Hall.
What substrate/foundation is required for a storage tent or tent hall?
  • Normally, we need an asphalted area in order to anchor the storage hall. It can also work on a well-packed gravel surface. We would be happy to inspect the conditions.
What maintenance needs does a PMH Hall have?
  • There is very little maintenance on a PMH Hall. The cloth tensioning technique with tensioning screws means there is a minimal need for post-tensioning. However, after a storm, should be checked that the attic braces are still tensioned.
What financing solutions are available?
  • The PMH Hall can be bought, leased and some sizes can be rented.

In what sizes is the PMH Hall available?
  • Standard widths (clear span) of the PMH Hall are 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 24, 26, 30, 36 and 40 m. Other widths available if needed. Lengthwise, the PMH Hall is built in 4-metre sections.
Is the PMH Hall designed for snow and wind loads?
  • The PMH Hall is designed based on the European Design Standards (Eurocodes) and Boverket's rules. The input values are those for the municipality's adopted snow and wind loads.
How do I clear snow from a PMH Hall?
  • The roof shouldn't be accessed without authorised safety devices that are securely anchored. If in doubt, use professional help. Contact our installation/service department by phone, +46 (0) 411-13800.
How do I mend a tear in the cloth?
  • Small tears can be repaired using a special adhesive. In the case of larger tears, the cloth is hot-air welded together. We offer professional help, if wanted. Contact our installation/service department by phone, +46 (0) 411-13800.
How do I clean the cloth?
  • Avoid strong chemicals when cleaning. Usually, pressure washing and, preferably, warm water are enough.
Why choose a PMH Climate Hall over another insulated storage tent?
  • We install the insulation on the inside?
  • With the insulation on the inside of the frames, it is better protected and maintains its insulating function.
  • Insulation that is placed on the outside can be crushed by snow loads and lose its insulating capacity. Ours does not. Our insulation on the inside will not be destroyed if there's an accident making a hole or tear in the cloth. If the insulation is placed in the outer cloth, water will penetrate the insulation (through the damaged cloth) and this significantly reduces the insulation capacity. Ours does not.