Insulated storage tentsInsulated storage tentsInsulated storage tents

Insulated storage tents

We offer insulated storage tents and heated storage tents when there's a need to store temperature sensitive materials or as for a work station and picking store etc. With an insulated storage tent from PMH Hallen, you obtain a cost-effective alternative in contrast to a commercial building. Our insulated storage tents have a high insulation value.


✓ More than 40 years in the industry

✓ More than 3000 storage halls delivered since 1974

✓ Maintenance free materials

✓ Cost-effective solutions

✓ Shorter delivery times


Insulated storage tents and tent halls

We offer customised insulated storage tents and storage halls for when there's a need to store raw materials, semi-finished or completed components. Our insulated storage tents also work well as picking stores and for logistical solutions. As our customer, you decide the purpose and we, at PMH-Hallen, tailor-make the right solution for the purpose.



Insulation with high insulation value

The inside of the storage tent is clad with an insulated inner cloth that is attached to the steel frame (See the storage tent's steel frame in the image below). The insulation consists of polyester that guarantees a long service life as well as maintained insulation capacity, even in damp environments. The storage tent has a calculated U-value of 0.4W/m2C as standard. The thickness of the insulation on the storage tent can be changed if another U-value is wanted.


Clear Span Steel Frame 

PMH-Hallen's design has a clear span steel frame that gives a light and open, column free, area. The insulated storage tent is available in a number of standard widths: 8-10-12-15-18-20-24-30-36-40 metres. The length is manufactured in 4-metre sections. These dimensions can be customised if needed. See example images of the design of our insulated tents below.


Why choose storage tent/storage hall with insulation from PMH-Hallen?

With more than 40 years of experience and 3000 storage tents delivered since 1974, our experience and the expertise needed for each single project is always included when you choose an insulated storage tent from us. The great advantage with our insulated tent is that the insulation is on the inside of the frames. With the insulation on the inside, the insulation maintains its function and is better protected compared to insulation on the outside because this can be compressed by, for example snow loads, and lose its insulating capacity.

Temperature sensitive goods / Insulated picking store / Storage

PMH-Hallen insulated tent stores are perfect for temperature sensitive goods and stock. For example, this could be raw materials such as metals waiting on production that need to maintain a given temperature so condensation does not start when they come into the warm. Our insulated tents also work perfectly well as a heated picking store, with a comfortable temperature for both employees as well as temperature sensitive goods.

Our insulated storage tents are manufactured from standard modules allowing for great freedom of choice of the width, length and height for you as customer.
Below are example images of the Insulated storage hall/Insulated tent´s inside.

The storage tent's internal surface

The insulated tent hall's internal surface is made from a heavy duty PVC cloth that is flame retardant. The insulated storage tent's inside comes as standard with a white inside to maintain a light interior. Despite the insulated inner cloth, fittings can be fastened to the hall's steel frame without problem.

Storage tent ventilation

As standard, the insulated storage tent is delivered with electrical aerotempers. These are placed with a directional air flow to give a uniform heat flow and fresh air. Of course, the placing depends on the size of the hall.

Size and options

The design of the tent hall has clear span frames that give a column unobstructed floor area. Our insulated tent stores can be manufactured in a span width up to 50 metres to any length.

Depending on the operations and purpose, the insulated storage tent can be equipped and customised with different options. We provide everything from industrial fittings for lighting, dehumidifiers for a controlled hall environment to logo / print on the insulated tent hall and even pallet racks, if the need exists. Do you have special requests for accessories and equipment for your tent store? Don't hesitate to use us as a sounding board.

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