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The PMH Hall is easily anchored directly to the ground using earth spikes or ground anchors that are driven in to the ground. The anchoring depth for earth spikes or ground anchors is approx. 0.7 – 1.5 metres. Where the conditions or the size of the hall mean another solution is required, we can supply prefabricated concrete blocks, in which the steel frame can then be directly installed.

Earth spikes & ground anchors for storage halls

The PMH-Hall is anchored using slightly different methods, depending on the ground conditions prevailing at the site where the hall will be erected. As standard, shorter span widths are anchored with double anchor irons, at each leg, which are driven approx. 1 metre into the ground. Larger span widths are anchored with ground anchors that are driven down and where an anchor is folded out underground to guarantee that the design lifting forces are obtained.

If there is uncertainty regarding the relevant ground conditions, a tensile test can be performed, where we can see what anchoring method will be best on this substrate. Apart from these alternatives, which are suitable for gravel and asphalted surfaces, the PMH Hall can be anchored on a cast concrete slab or a concrete base. In which case, the anchoring is performed with embedded groups of bolts or expanders/chemical anchors. As an option, we can deliver a prefabricated base that is put in place in connection with other the site preparation works.

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