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The PMH Hall is flexible when it comes to matching your company profile. The cloth is available in most standard colours and can be provided with print or logo.


  • Matches your company profile
  • Can be provided with print & logo



Customised storage halls according to your wishes

The PMH Hall is delivered with cloths made from type approved, painted and plastic coated, polyester, fabric. The cloth is available in most standard colours and is very suitable for printing advertising and logos. As standard on plastic halls, the roof is white, which provides very good light transmission.

Plastic halls often catch the eye from the road, or on the site where it is erected. In which case, choosing the colour or composition of colours of colours on the cloth as well as the overlap capping, which blend in well with the surroundings, is a natural part of the planning.

The PMH Hall is very suitable for displaying the company's profile.

The PMH Combi Hall is a delivered with profiled, painted sheet steel in the standard colour of your choice. For correct colour reproduction, we are happy to send colour samples for cloth and metal.

There is also the option to select the colour of gateways and wicket doors to match existing buildings and the surroundings.

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