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Connection Corridor

A connection corridor is an excellent solution to connect two storage halls or a storage hall to an existing building.


  • Streamlines the transport between premises
  • Dry transport route
  • Works for both cloth covered & metal halls
  • Customised based on your needs



Create routes between storage hall and buildings

The PMH Hall can be connected to existing buildings by a connection corridor. A connection corridor allows the transports between the PMH Hall and the production premises, or the existing building, to take place without any effects from the weather or wind.


The size and design of the connection corridor is fully customised based on the conditions and wishes for each installation.


One great advantage with connecting to existing building via a connection corridor is that the transports to and from the hall can be performed in the dry, without being affected by external conditions and it stops snow or water from being trailed into the factory.


Two plastic halls can also be linked/connected together with a connection corridor. For PMH Combi Hall and PMH Thermo Hall, the connection corridor is equipped in accordance with the same requirements as the hall.


In many cases, building permit and fire protection regulations do not permit buildings to be connected. The separation required varies between 0-8 metres depending of the fire cell division and fire resistance class of the existing walls. The space between the buildings can easily be covered and sheltered from the weather using a connection corridor.


Together, we arrive at an agreement about the most suitable sealing method to existing wall and façade materials.

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