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With a dehumidifier connected in PMH Storage Halls, you obtain a controlled environment and the ideal conditions for storing goods sensitive to corrosion and the damp.


  • Low operating costs (no heating)
  • Guaranteed delivery quality.
  • Correct conditions for production.



The humidity is normally around 70-85 %. The relative humidity depends on the air's moisture content and temperature. By extracting the water from the air, the relative humidity is lowered, which is our dehumidification principle. Dehumidification is energy-effective because it works with the air that has been dehumidified. Once the moisture content has been reduced, the energy used is only affected when moisture loads are brought in. For this reason, it is important to be disciplined when it comes to gateways. i.e. making sure they are kept closed.  In addition, bringing in other materials containing a lot of moisture must also be taken into consideration, e.g. a damp load pallet contains a lot of moisture that increases the moisture content in the hall.


We recommend selecting motorised gateways for a dehumidified hall, in order to easily reduce the time that gateway is kept open. The type of dehumidifier we use in the PMH Dry Air Hall is an adsorption dehumidifier, which also functions at low temperatures, in contrast to a condensing dehumidifier. This type of dehumidifier does not leave the moisture as free condensed water, instead it binds the moisture extracted in cold air that rotates in the dehumidifier and is blown out into the fresh air. The dehumidified air is returned to the hall.


Dehumidification prevents: Iron and sheet metal rusting, paper packaging softening and collapsing, electronics and electrical components oxidising, bulk goods, e.g. cement and commercial fertilizers clumping and paper and timber products absorbing moisture.


For more information see PMH Dry Air Hall. 

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