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Pallet Rack

Robust and flexible pallet racks, certified by DNV product certification and complying with standards SS 2240 and INSTA 250.


  • Satisfies all requirements
  • Great flexibility
  • Planning and assembly



Pallet handling for storage halls

Pallet handling with our pallet racks provides great flexibility and efficient logistics when handling goods, whatever the industry. Today, there are satisfied users in engineering and industry as well as wholesale warehouses.

PMH-Hallen collaborates with leading supplier of pallet racks and we can also produce proposals for pallet racks and layout.

With a complete range of accessories, storing goods with widely different sizes is easy and simple. Pallet racks are available as single and double racks and we can arrange a complete total solution for you. From you, we would like details about the number of pallet positions you need as well as the weight and height of the goods that will be stores as well as the width you want for the forklift aisles.

We look after the whole project from planning to assembly.

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