Plank/Concrete Bulk Goods Wall

For bulk storage, the PMH Hall is provided with a plank and/or concrete bulk storage wall. We dimension the bulk storage wall based on the density and collapse angle for the material in question.


  • Plank or/and concrete
  • Efficient bulk storage



Concrete / Plank Wall for storing bulk materials

The PMH Hall can be easily provided with an internal plank wall to optimise the storage of bulk material in the hall.

There are two different materials to choose from when you want a bulk storage wall in your storage hall; timber or concrete. A timber bulk storage wall can be integrated in the frame by placing brackets on the legs during manufacturing, making it easy to set planks as high as wanted for the bulk storage wall.

If you want to use concrete, there are two variants to choose from; buried L-support, or T-support to place along the walls, or the slightly more flexible variant with moveable concrete blocks, which can be built up like Lego. This alternative can also be used if you want to retrofit an existing storage hall.

The bulk storage walls are dimensioned based on the density of the goods stored, collapse angle and storage height. We help you to choose the alternative that is most suitable for the material you will store in your storage tent.

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