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Snow guards for storage halls

Snow guards over doors and gateways are an effective way to prevent entrances and exits being blocked by snow.


  • Fitted above gateways or doors
  • Hot dip galvanised steel structure
  • Metal roof



Guard over doors and gateways for storage halls

The PMH Hall can easily be supplemented with snow guards over gateways and doors. Snow guards are available in several different version as standard, and they can be customised to your wishes. In tent halls with gateway or wicket door on the long side, there is a risk that snow will get into the opening. A snow guard, as the words say, stops snow from ending up on the paths and passages into the hall.

Snow guards are made in a robust design manufactured from a hot dip galvanised steel frame with a metal roof.

The snow guard is integrated in the hall's steel structure and can be retrofitted.

Snow guards can be fitted both above a folding door as well as above a sectional overhead doors or a wicket door.

The standard version for a snow guard above a gateway protrudes 800 mm outside the long side. The guard is not affected by the gateway's free opening area.

All according to your wishes and requirements.

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