PMH Combi HallPMH Combi HallPMH Combi HallPMH Combi HallPMH Combi Hall

PMH Combi Hall

PMH Combihall is built with durable resilient construction with steel sheet on the walls and a ceiling of white light-embedded plastic cloth that causes daylight throughout the floor surface.
  • Durable
  • Burglary Safe
  • Easy to move or expand building
  • Colored according to existing buildings

Storage hall with durable construction

PMH Combi Hall is an effective and economically viable solution to the need for buildings. Clearwidth up to 40 m, length optional.

PMH Combi Hall has many advantages in comparison to a conventional building such as large floorareas with no invasive columns, maintenance-free materials, low investment and short erection time.

If the accommodation needs change, the hall can easily be extended, moved or dismantled and sold.

PMH Combi Hall is constructed using self-supporting frames, allowing maximum useable floorspace with no invasive columns to 50m span and optional length.



The structure thanks to its in-built air tightness, can easily be equipped with a suitable dehumidification unit, allowing a controlled environment, all year round, without the need for heating. An ideal and energy efficient method of storing materials, with no corrosion or dampness.



The structure can be furnished with gutters and down pipes, provided that the wall claddingis taken to eaves height. It can also be insulated and be used for heated storage.


What are the advantages of the Combi Hall compared to a normal sheet steel hall?

A Combi Hall has many advantages compared to a normal sheet steel hall. First and foremost, it is much lighter than in a normal sheet steel hall with a metal roof, because the white cloth roof lets through 80% of the daylight into the hall, lighting up the entire hall. If more light is wanted, and also to see properly during the dark hours of the day, lighting can be installed in the ceiling. The Combi Hall is as airtight as a PMH Storage Hall, even though we combine a hard material in the walls with a softer material in the roof.  The advantage with it being airtight is that it is suitable for dehumidification and it is then possible to store materials sensitive to damp in the Combi Hall. A metal roof rusts due to all the weather and wind to which it is subjected, something you avoid with the cloth roof. The whole structure is genuinely maintenance free.

The surface upon which the hall is built does not need as much work as is needed for a conventional building. The Combi Hall can be placed directly on an existing plot without plinth foundation, so the surfacing work is much cheaper, the construction time is also considerably shorter than for a normal building. If you should want to move it at a later stage, or extend it, it is reasonably easy to arrange!


The Combi Hall combines the advantages of the sheet steel hall and the storage tent. The walls are clad in profiled sheet steel that has a 0.6 mm polyester lacquer in any standard colour 25my. The roof consists of a white tent cloth that is partially transparent and lets in plenty of daylight. This means it is well-lit and pleasant in the hall during the day without any need for lighting. The roof cloth is painted so the surfaces will maintain its advantageous properties.

Frame & surface treatment

The storage hall's frame consist of cold-formed steel profiles that are surface treated by hot dip galvanisation according to SS-EN ISO 1461, equivalent to minimum corrosion class C3. This means that the frame has a very long service life and high resistance to corrosion, even in aggressive environments. The chemical reaction between zinc and iron means that a self-healing effect occurs if small areas of the surface layer are damaged.

Roof drainage

The Combi Hall can be provided with roof drainage. In which case, the hall is provided with the necessary number of downpipes and gutters. The downpipes can be connected to surface drainpipes, if there are any or are installed during the other site preparation works. Alternatively, the downpipes can be provided with ejectors to direct the water to drain or similar. If requested, the colour of the gutters and drainpipes can be customised; as standard, these are white or black.


There are many different options for a Combi Hall's foundations.

1. Levelled, well-packed/compacted gravel surface.
2. Existing or newly levelled asphalted surface.
3. Fully-cast concrete slab.
4. Prefabricated or cast in-situ concrete base.

On gravel or tarmac surfaces, anchoring is done with earth spike or earth anchor that is driven into the ground and expanded. On concrete, anchoring is done with embedded groups of bolts or, alternatively, expanders/chemical anchors.
Steel storage facility construction drawing
Combi Hall drawing
Steel storage facility construction drawing side front
Combi Hall drawing front view
Steel storage facility construction drawing side view
Combi Hall drawing side view
Steel storage facility construction drawing view from above
Combi Hall drawing view from above

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