PMH Combi Hall

PMH Combihall is built with durable resilient construction with steel sheet on the walls and a ceiling of white light-embedded plastic cloth that causes daylight throughout the floor surface.
  • Durable
  • Burglary Safe
  • Easy to move or expand building
  • Colored according to existing buildings

Storage hall with durable construction

PMH Combi Hall is an effective and economically viable solution to the need for buildings. Clearwidth up to 50m, length optional.

PMH Combi Hall has many advantages in comparison to a conventional building such as large floorareas with no invasive columns, maintenance-free materials, low investment and short erection time.

If the accommodation needs change, the hall can easily be extended, moved or dismantled and sold.

PMH Combi Hall is constructed using self-supporting frames, allowing maximum useable floorspace with no invasive columns to 50m span and optional length.


The structure thanks to its in-built air tightness, can easily be equipped with a suitable dehumidification unit, allowing a controlled environment, all year round, without the need for heating. An ideal and energy efficient method of storing materials, with no corrosion or dampness.

The structure can be furnished with gutters and down pipes, provided that the wall claddingis taken to eaves height. It can also be insulated and be used for heated storage.

Download leaflet for PMH Combi Hall