PMH Dry Air Hall


PMH Dry Air Hall is an economically viable solution to moisture sensitive storage needs. Thanks to its in-built air tightness, it offers a controlled indoor environment by the use of a suitably sized dehumidification unit, without heating. It is available in a range of designs, sizes and colours.

PMH Dry Air Hall has many advantages in comparison to a conventional building such as large, light surfaces with no invasive columns, maintenance-free materials, low investment costs and short erection time. If the accommodation needs change, the hall can easily be extended, moved or dismantled and sold.

PMH Dry Air Hall provides

• An ideal and energy efficient method of storing goods.
• Low running costs (no heating)
• Controlled environment
• Ideal conditions for a production facility


PMH Dry Air Hall prevents
• Corrosion of ferrous and non-ferrous materials
• Paper and cardboard boxes becoming damp
• Oxidisation of electronics and electrical components
• Cement, fertilizers and bulk goods deteriorating
• Wooden products absorbing water

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