PMH Polar HallPMH Polar HallPMH Polar HallPMH Polar HallPMH Polar Hall

PMH Polar Hall

Polar Hall - reinforced and designed for the snow and wind loads in northern latitudes.


  • Robust design
  • Snow slip off the roof surface effortlessly
  • Hot galvanized frame
  • Easy foundation



PVC-Hall that can withstand a harsher climate

The Polar hall is reinforced and dimensioned to withstand snow and wind in Sweden's most northern parts. The Polar hall's tensioning system for walls and ceilings ensures long service life and resistance to large snow and wind loads. The hall's wall covering consists of a very strong polyester fabric that is plastic coated and lacquered to create a smooth surface that helps the snow slip off the roof surface effortlessly. The hall is customized and equipped as needed.

Can the Polar Hall withstand harsh nordic weather conditions?

The Polar Hall is designed to stand in snow zone 2.0 - 4.5, which means it is reinforced to withstand high snow loads. The frame is CE-marked according to EN-1090 which means that the welding, galvanizing and checks are carried out by certified workshops. This guarantees high quality. The cloth tension with tensioning screws and the lacquered cloth makes the snow effortlessly fall off the hall. There are a variety of options available for the Polar Hall: A snow guard that you can supplement to the hall. The snow guard is available in two different sizes that fit over gates or gateways, these prevent snow from falling just outside and so you can easily get in and out despite large amounts of snow.

The PMH Polar hall can also be insulated fairly quickly and easily with the type of insulation we use at the Climate Hall. The insulation is made of 100 mm polyethylene, which is attached to the frame and along with the ceiling and walls, giving you a warm and comfortable hall. The attached insulation material is the same kind of PVC fabric that the hall uses on the outside. This means that the get a white fabric surface inside, both on walls and the ceiling, even if you have chosen a dark color at the exterior walls.

Snow Guard

In cases where the gateway is set on the long side, snow and water will enter the doorway. To avoid this, a snow guard can be mounted above the gateways and doors. The snow guard is available in two sizes and consists of a stable structure coated with sheet metal. Furthermore, there is a seal between the hall and the snow guard to get a tight construction.

Cloth quality/Colours

The cloth we use for our halls is very strong with high tear and tensile strength. The cloth is lacquered to create a smooth surface, which helps the snow slip off the roof. By default, the hall is provided with a white roof which gives the hall light and pleasant interior.

The PMH hall is available in several standard colors that blend with the existing environment. See our color chart.

Snow load

The Polar Hall is dimensioned based on Banverket´s (the Swedish National Rail Administration) standards with the snow load recommended for each municipality. Current snow loads for the Polar hall are 2.5-4.5, which are the highest snow zones in Sweden.

This means that the hall is specially designed to be set up in the northern part of our country.


We always provide the complete assembly of the PMH Hall, regardless of where it is installed in Sweden. Our experienced fitters guarantee a long service life in your hall. We mount throughout the year and no weather prevents us. What we normally cannot do during the winter is sealing against the ground, but then we return in the spring and complete it.
Polar Hall construction drawing
Polar Hall drawing
Polar Hall construction drawing side view
Polar Hall side view
Polar Hall construction drawing front view
Polar Hall front view
Polar Hall construction drawing view from above
Polar Hall view from above

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