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PMH Protect Hall

The Protect Hall is an efficient way to protect materials while obtaining easy access to the goods. The canopy roof is available in different versions, sizes and colours.


  • Easy access to goods
  • Without obstructing columns
  • Open width of your choice
  • Easy to move
  • Fast delivery time  



The storage hall that is the perfect shelter against the weather

The Protect Hall is a freestanding hall that protects your goods. The Protect Hall is produced in a very short time due to a well-developed system with standard components. It is quick and easy to erect and take down. If the need changes, the freestanding canopy can be easily expanded, moved or be disposed of. This hall's flexibility is enormous. It has a relatively low investment cost and short delivery time.


The opening in the shelter can be made as wide as needed, everything from a small opening to the whole gable end. When the hall is exposed to wind loads, the stability is secured by wind mesh in the hall's rear gable end, which lets the air through and thus reduces the pressure.  You can have your company's logo printed on all of PMH's halls. A shelter is often placed where it can be advantageous to put your logo on it. The Protect Hall can also be used as an extension of a standard hall, providing effective shelter from the weather.

Open space protective storage hall
Open space
Rapidly available protective storage hall
Rapidly available
Weather protection storage facility
Weather protect your products

Do your goods need to be easily accessible?

The Protect Hall has a large opening, making it quick and easy to access the materials stored under roof. The Protect Hall has a large open area, making it easy to handle the goods. There are no columns preventing you from placing the goods where you want, nor do you have to consider whether the gateway is large enough to avoid collision on the way in or out of the hall. The hall is provided with cloth clad gable pieces, which catch a lot of the weather and wind, even though there is a large opening. These gable pieces are placed at the height wanted.

Wind stability

Even though the Protect Hall has a large opening, the wind stability is good. There is a wind mesh in the rear gable end, allowing the air to pass through the hall and, thus, reducing the pressure.


As standard, the Protect Hall has an open gable end with a covered gable piece. The height of the gable piece is optional, but is usually fitted on the leg's free height. If needed, the cloth on the gable piece can be removed to give a completely free space up to the roof trusses. The Protect Hall can also be provided with an opening in both gable ends for free passage, and is then called double protect.


Depending on the ground conditions, the hall's open width can be up to 40 metres. The standard widths are as for the storage hall: 8-10-12-15-18-20-24-30-36-40 metres. The hall, as standard, is manufactured in 4-metre sections, so the length of the hall is everything from 4 metres up to as long as you want. The height can be obtained from 3 metres and then up in whole metres. You choose the size to match the needs of your operations.


The Protect Hall's open gable end is covered by a gable piece that is very suitable for affixing a logo. It will be very visible here. Please contact us for examples and proposals. What we need for the best end result is a vectorised file for the logo, type .eps.
Open storage facility construction drawing
Protect Hall drawing
Open storage facility construction drawing side view
Protect Hall drawing side view
Open storage facility construction drawing front view
Protect Hall drawing front view
Open storage facility construction drawing view from above
Protect Hall drawing view from above

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