PMH Rental Hall


PMH Rental Hall is the perfect solution for short or long term building space for storage, sales shop, workshop and exhibition use.


PMH Rental Hall is available in three standard modules of 120 m2 (10x12x3,0 m or 10x12x4 m), 180 m2 (12x15x4,0 m) and 240 m2 (15x16x4,5 m) respectively, fitted with steel stabledoors. Both sizes can be extended by connecting two or more modules and even be attached to an existing building.


PMH Rental Hall is fitted with a white roof as standard and allows a uniform distribution of natural light with no invasive columns. The walls are all vertical to allow maximum use of floorspace. The hall can be erected adjacent to existing premises or manufacturing facility to avoid unnecessary transport costs.


PMH Rental Hall can be customized to allow different sizes and options.


The PMH Rental Hall is mainly offered to the swedish market.

Download leaflet for PMH Rental Hall