PMH Storage Hall

PMH storage hall is a rational and economical solution to most inventory needs. The storage hall can be customized just as you need.
  • Large bright pillars free floor surfaces
  • Maintenance-free material
  • Low investment cost
  • Short construction time

Can be customized to fit most storage needs

PMH Storage Hall is an effective and economically viable solution to the need for large storage areas. It is available in different designs, sizes and colours.

PMH Storage Hall is fabricated from a developed system of standard components. The customer is given freedom of choice concerning door openings and other adaptations.


PMH Storage Hall is easily erected and dismantled. If the accommodation needs change, the hall can easily be extended, moved or dismantled and sold.


PMH Storage Hall has many advantages in comparison to a conventional building such as large, light surfaces with no invasive columns, maintenancefree materials, low investment and short erection time.

PMH Storage Hall is the basic model for PMH Combi Hall (profiled steel clad walls) and PMH Dry Air Hall (equipped with dehumidification unit). The hall can even at a later stage easily be insulated and used as a heated storage.

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