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PMH Storage Hall

PMH storage hall is a rational and economical solution to most inventory needs. The storage hall can be customized just as you need.
  • Large bright pillars free floor surfaces
  • Maintenance-free material
  • Low investment cost
  • Short construction time

The Storage Hall that suits the majority of storage needs

A storage hall from PMH is a rational and advantageous solution for the majority of storage needs. You can obtain the storage hall designed based on your specific needs and wishes. Almost every hall is unique and it is customised to satisfy the requirements of your particular business. There is a large range of gateways and wicket doors to choose from and they can be placed in both the gable ends and the long sides.


The hall is designed so there are no supporting posts/columns in the hall; instead, the floor area can be freely utilised in the best way, for what you want to store in your storage hall. The Storage Hall is available in many different sizes. The standard width is from 8 metres up to 40 metres and, in principle, it can be any length whatsoever. We adapt the height to your needs. If you are going to store high goods or, perhaps, drive a goods vehicle into the storage hall, we can make it in a height perfect for this.

Why choose Storage Hall from PMH instead of a conventional building?

There are many advantages with storage halls from PMH, since the halls can be customised to match your particular storage needs. A storage hall is relatively quick to produce because it consists of a well-developed system with standard components. Installation is fast and it is relatively easy to move. If you need to expand your storage, you can also lengthen the hall more easily than is the case with a conventional building. One major advantage with a Storage Hall is that the whole floor area can be utilised, since there aren't any columns in the hall. The entire space is well-lit, because the white roof cloth lets daylight shine through, give good lighting in the hall.

A Storage Hall from PMH is excellent for storing goods that are not particularly temperature sensitive. You can place a pallet rack in the hall to obtain pallet storage at height as well, and a plank wall can also be erected to a given height, if bulk storage is needed, e.g. for wood chips or sand.


The PMH Hall can be customised to the size that suits your particular needs. There is a number of standard widths: 8-10-12-15-18-20-24-30-36-40 metres, but if you need another width, we can also fix that. When it comes to the length of our storage halls, we manufacture them as standard in 4-metre sections, but even this can be modified, so you can obtain the size that suits you.

The height of the storage halls is produced in full metres from 3 metres and up. The height we specify is the lowest free height in the hall along the long side. Because the roof is arch shaped, the height is higher in the middle, which is rather dependent on the width of the hall.The arch shaped roof makes the design stable without any column's to hold up the roof, leaving the floor area completely free to be utilised in the best way.

Cloth tensioning

We tension our hall cloths with a method that uses tensioning screws, which means the cloth is kept equally well tensioned as when it was put in place. Moreover, a threaded rod anchoring point is put in place that protects the cloth. The PMH Hall's arched roof design provides an optimal contact area for the cloth without any risk for point wear, in contrast to saddle roofs and mansard roofs. A standard hall cloth is delivered in three pieces; a cloth that covers the roof and long sides and two separate gable end cloths.

We weld our cloths together onsite during the installations, which means the fit is perfect and the hall is properly airtight. Large halls that stand in exposed positions with a lot of wind may need a bit extra anchoring in the cloth, and in such cases, straps can be welded in, which run from side to side over the roof and are then fastened in the frame.


The anchoring, which makes our storage halls stable, is carried out in slightly different ways depending on the nature of the ground where the hall will be placed. If the storage hall will stand on a hard packed gravel surface or asphalted area, earth spikes or soil anchors are used. On the smaller halls, double earth spikes are set 1 metre into the ground by every leg. On the larger halls, an earth anchor is sunk down, which folds out when it is in place. If the method is not suitable for the ground where the hall will be built, a concrete slab can be poured or prefabricated concrete blocks placed as a base on which to place the hall.


The PMH Hall is designed based on the European Design Standards (Eurocodes) and Boverket's rules. The input values are those for the municipality's adopted snow and wind loads.
storage facility construction drawing
Storage Hall drawing
storage facility construction drawing side view
Storage Hall drawing side view
storage facility construction drawing front view
Storage Hall drawing side view
storage facility construction drawing view from above
Storage Hall drawing view from above

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The PMH Hall, 40 years on the market
PMH-Hallen, the Swedish designed storage hall for warehousing, production and rental. The Storage Hall is available in the length and width of your choice and it has an unobstructed, well-lit, floor area without columns. Watch the film about the PMH Hall »
The PMH Hall, a view from above
Many of our customers choose the PMH Hall for its quality, flexibility and the low investment cost. When you choose the PMH Hall, we help you all the way with building permit assistance, planning and installation. Watch the film, a PMH Hall from above »

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