PMH Thermo HallPMH Thermo HallPMH Thermo HallPMH Thermo HallPMH Thermo Hall

PMH Thermo Hall

The Thermo Hall is a well-insulated solution for a space that has to be heated while saving energy. The Thermo Hall is insulated according to traditional methods and has a short delivery and installation time.


  • Well-insulated
  • Fast delivery time
  • Light interior
  • Good acoustics



The storage hall with heated storage space

The Thermo Hall is produced from standard components, which enable a large variation in width, length and height. Design with clear span frames that provide a column free surface with a span width up to 50 metres and any length. There is great flexibility when it comes to the placing of gateways and other adaptations. The hall is built in maintenance free materials. The Thermo Hall is a further development of our Storage Hall with wall and roof made from type approved hall cloth, or Combi Hall with walls of profiled sheet steel.


The hall is insulated from the inside, which minimises external effects from rain and snow during the construction period. It is also possible to insulate the PMH Hall at a later stage. The Thermo Hall meets all requirements for a normal insulated building, but to a much lower price. Typical applications for this type of hall are picking stores, exhibition halls, production or sales areas. The hall can be provided with windows for the greater admission of light.  There is lighting available in the form of energy-efficient LED fittings for installation in the ceiling. The heating system is optional but, as standard, aerotempers (fan-assisted unit heaters) are supplied.

Is the Thermo Hall suitable as production space?

The Thermo Hall is fully insulated with low U-values and is especially suitable for production activities, such as workshop and assembly as well as for general manufacturing. The hall is provided with durable surfaces on the inside in the form of profiled sheet steel on the walls and mineral wool boards on the ceiling, which have good acoustic properties. These ceiling boards absorb the sound, resulting in a comfortable noise level in the hall, even though there is sheet metal on the walls. The insulation between outer wall and inner wall consists of traditional mineral wool.

Doors, gateways and any windows are placed where they suit your operations best. Internally, the hall looks exactly the same normal premises, with luminaires on the ceiling and electrical sockets etc. where they are wanted. The hall's design means that it needs a level asphalted surface or a cast concrete slab to place it on.


The Thermo Hall is insulated in a conventional manner. Wood battens are fastened between the frame legs and 95 mm mineral wool is placed between the battens. Against the outside, a windshield is fitted and on the inside of the insulation a plastic foil as diffusion stop. On the outside of this, as an inner wall, a painted corrugated steel plate is placed, VP 18*0.4 mm. Calculated U-value 0.45 W/m² ⁰ C. On the ceiling, which is insulated in a similar way, an extra 35 mm mineral wool board is placed as inner ceiling instead of metal sheet.  Calculated U-value 0.25 W/m² ⁰ C.

Project planning

The PMH Hall's great advantage is that the whole project, including dimensioning, is sorted out by us, so you don't need to engage external architects and designers. We have everything in-house!

Give us your idea, and we'll make it reality!


When the hall is insulated, the gateways should also be insulated. The choice is between manual folding doors and electrical motor powered sectional overhead doors. Both of these different gateways are available in the size wanted. It is possible to have a recessed wicket door in the folding door and, if the sectional overhead doors is chosen, a separate wicket door is installed.  Depending on how large the hall is, it is supplemented with the number of wicket doors needed to meet the requirement for the number of necessary emergency exits.

Connection corridor

The PMH Hall can very well be placed freestanding to prevent snow pockets and problems with water drainage. For it to be possible to move in the dry between an existing building and the new hall, the hall can be provided with a connection corridor that is designed based on existing conditions. We check and measure this onsite, to make it as smart and practical a solution as possible.
Insulated storage facility construction drawing
Thermo Hall drawing
Insulated storage facility construction drawing side view
Thermo Hall side view
Insulated storage facility construction drawing front view
Thermo Hall front view
Insulated storage facility construction drawing view from above
Thermo Hall view from above

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