PMH Thermo Hall


The PMH Thermo Hall is an effective solution when you need a heated space, but still energy efficient. The building is insulated to the highest standards and can be delivered and erected quickly.

The PMH Thermo Hall is produced using standard components offering a great variety of width, length and height. It is constructed using self-supporting frames allowing maximum useable floor space with no invasive columns up to 50m clear span and optional length.

The customer is given freedom of choice concerning door openings and other adaptions. Maintenance free materials are used throughout.

The PMH Thermo Hall is a development of the PMH Storage Hall with walls and roof covers of PVC covered polyester and the PMH Combi Hall with steel cladding to walls. It is also possible to insulate a building at a later stage.


The PMH Thermo Hall offers two types of inner ceilings. Either you choose a horizontal inner skin at eaves hight or an insulating board that follows the curve of the roof beams, which gives good acoustic properties. The inside wall covering is either lacqured metal sheeting or particle board.


Principal drawing of the insulation in pdf

Download leaflet for PMH Thermo Hall