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Building permit documentation

We at PMH-Hallen are ready to help you with the building permit documentation before the building permit. We have been building storage solutions since 1974 and know what is needed.


  • Free of charge when purchasing a Storage Hall
  • Temporary or permanent building permits



Building permits for our Storage Halls - We help you throughout the process.

If the PMH Hall is erected in an area covered by a detailed development plan, building permit is required. There are temporary or permanent build permits. We help, free of charge, with documentation in the form of drawings, certification, control plans etc. as required.

After obtaining a building permit, we also participate, if desired, in technical consultations and views before the final verdict. We will quickly produce the required documentation so you can be up and running with your new PMH hall as soon as possible.

All construction permits now require an impartial certified control manager. If you do not already have contact with such a person, you can easily find certified people near you on the following website: 

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