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Move of Hall

If your operations change or move, you can take your storage hall with you. This provides your company with flexibility. Easy to move Flexibility New storage area - same hall

  •  Easy to move
  • Flexibility
  • New storage area - same hall



Let us move your storage hall

One of the PMH Hall's major advantages is it can be moved. During expansion of your operations, you storage tent may no longer be optimally placed, and you then have the option to move it to another location. We move your halls,  short or long distances. If you want to move your hall just a little, there is the possibility that we won't need to disassemble the entire hall but instead move it in sections or in its entirety. If the hall has to be moved a longer distance, it is disassembled in its entirety and the cloths folded up in a way that facilitates good reassembly.

Of course, the hall and its components are inspected in connection with a move. There is also the option to make additions to the equipment, such as gateways, wicket doors, dehumidification, lighting and connection corridors etc. There is also an option to lengthen or shorten the hall in connection with the move, if needed, or to install a connection corridor, so it is easy to enter the hall from another building.

Bear in mind when you want to move a storage hall that you need to apply for a new building permit. PMH helps you with the documentation that is needed for this.

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