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Flexible solutions for storage and local needs

PMH International AB was established as a legal company 1974, after several years as a department in Persöner AB, with head office in Ystad. Business area Industry and Storage Halls, designs, manufactures and markets the PMH Halls for warehouses, production and rental. PMH´s other business area is production, trading and sales of efficient and intelligent solutions of lifting and handling. 

Buy storage halls - rent or lease

The PMH Hall can be financed in several ways. When there are short-term needs for a standard hall, there is the option to rent our range of modules. This is a fast, flexible and economic solution. We have a short delivery and construction time for our rental hall. You determine the length of time yourself and it is easy to extent the rental period if needed.
Lease on advantageous terms. If the hall is needed for a longer time, it can be financed by leasing. This is a way to free up capital for other investments, where the option to lease does not exist. The leasing period varies between 36-60 months with a residual value of 10%. We provide you with all contacts and supporting documentation regarding the leasing. This process usually goes very smoothly thanks to our well-developed and long-lasting contacts.
Naturally, there is always the option for direct purchase. In the case of both purchasing and leasing, the hall can be customised to match your wishes and needs completely.

Sizes of our storage halls

Our storage tents and plastic halls are available in a number of standard widths. These widths are 8-10-12-15-18-20-24-30-36-40 metres. If you want a width other than these, this can be arranged, please ask us.
As standard, the length is split up in to 4-metre intervals and can be built as long as you want. If you require a length that is not standard, for example to match existing buildings or suchlike, single frame separations can be modified. Ask us about this.

Height of the storage hall

The height we specify is the free height along the sides, under the latticework. This is the lowest free height inside the hall. This height is available as standard in even metre steps, e.g. 3-4-5-6 etc. The free height in the middle of the hall is higher, and it is governed by the width of the hall; the wider the hall, the higher the roof height. The design does not have any obstructing columns or tie-rods restricting the free height. This allows the space to be used all the way up to the roof trusses.

Our halls are customised to match your wishes.

Storage Hall, Combi Halls & Storage Tents - the PMH Hall, the Swedish designed quality hall for warehousing, production and rental, market leader for over 40 years. With our storage halls, storage tents and tent halls, we can offer you a flexible and practical solution for premises. The Storage Hall is available in the length and width of your choice and it has an unobstructed, well-lit, floor area without columns. We have a large range of plastic halls and would be pleased to help you find the most suitable hall for your needs. Read more about our different types of halls – storage hall, store tents, combi hall, storage tents and tent halls.