Technical data

Technical data


Design work

The structures are designed according to EU snow and wind standards


From 10 to 50 meters clear span with optional length and height


Lattice of cold-formed steel profiles and hot dipped galvanised to SS-EN ISO 1461 or BS729


The PMH Hall can be anchored by means of earth spikes, ground anchors or a concrete ring beam


A range of doors can be fitted to suit the customer´s needs 

Walls and roof cladding

Walls and roof are covered by an approved PVC coated and lacquered fabric offering long durability. The wall fabric is available  in several colours and is suitable for printing of commercials and company logos. The roof is white as standard  and allows a uniform distribution of natural light.

Walls can also be cladded with profiled steel in a range of colours, on lightweight steel purlins to an optional height above ground.

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